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Behavioral Health Institute

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Year       Degree/Certification                      Institution                                              Discipline

1982       Psychological Assistantship          LLU School of Medicine                    Clinical Psychology

1981       Ph.D.                                                     Rosemead Sch. of Psychology,

                                                                                Biola University                                    Clinical Psychology

1981       Internship                                           Portsmouth Psychiatric Center     Clinical Psychology

1978       M.A.                                                      Rosemead Sch. Of Psychology,

                                                                                Biola University                                    Clinical Psychology

1973     A.B.                                                         University of North Carolina-CH                   Psychology, Anthropology


2000    Diplomate in Neuropsychology                   American Board of Professional Neuropsychology


Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, LLU August 1989-

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, LLU 1983-1989

Visiting Lecturer, Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, 1987-1988

Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, 1988-2004

Lecturer, Department of Psychology, LLU 1996-1997


Licensed Psychologist, LLPMG, LLUHC 1982-

Allied Health Professional, LLUBMC 1991-

Coordinating Neuropsychologist, FREE Program, Patton State Hospital 2002-

Senior Psychologist Specialist-Neuropsychology, Patton State Hospital 2008-

Chairperson, Neuropsychology Consultation Service, Patton State Hospital 2004-2008

Neuropsychological Consultant, Patton State Hospital, 2000-2002

Staff Member, Loma Linda Workers’ Compensation Center, 1995-1998

Qualified Medical Evaluator, Industrial Medical Council, State of California, 1992-1994

Health Professional Affiliate, Charter Hospital of Redlands, 1989-1991

Head Injury Group Leader, Easter Seal Society, 1988-2002

Allied Health Professional, LLUMC, 1986-201?

Psychological Assistant, Robert J. Postman, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist, Upland CA, 1979-1980

Campus Staff, Campus Crusade for Christ, 1973-1976


Loma Linda University

                *Chairperson, School of Medicine Committee on Student Disabilities, 2017

                *Member, School of Medicine Committee on Student Disabilities, 1999-

                *Founding Member, LLU International Trauma Team, 1997-

Behavioral Health Institute

                *BHI Clinical Subcommittee, 2010-2012

Department of Psychiatry

                *Chair, Quality Management & Peer Review Committee, 2000-2002

                *Outpatient Committee, 2000-2002

                *Contracting & Business Development Committee, 2000-2002


Britt III, W, Hansen  A, Bhaskerrao  S, Larsen J, Petersen  F, Dickson  A, Dickson C, Kirsch W. Mild cognitive impairment:  Prodromal Alzheimer’s disease or something else?  Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. 2011; 27: 543-551.

Kirsch W, McAuley G, Holshouser  B, Petersen  F, Ayaz M, Vinters D, Dickson  C, Haacke  E , Britt  III  W,  Larsen  J, Kim I,  Mueller C, Schrag  M , Kito D. Serial susceptibility weighted MRI measures of brain iron and microbleeds in dementia. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. 2009; 17: 559-609.

Bartnik Olson B, Holshouser  B,  Britt III  W, Mueller C, Baqai  W, Patra  S , Petersen  F, Kirsch  W. Longitudinal Metabolic and cognitive changes in Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients. Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders-An International Journal.  2008; 22(3): 269-277.

Wagner  M, Bartnik Olson  B, Britt W, Kirsch W.  Tissue loss in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease:  A longitudinal voxel-based morphometry study. Journal of Investigative Medicine. 2008; 56(1): 145.

Larsen J,  Britt III  W, Kido D, Bartnik Olson B, Holshouser B, Kirsch W. Susceptibility-Weighted Magnetic Resonance imaging in the evaluation of dementia. Radiology Case Reports. 2007;2(4): 1-4.

Britt III, W. God’s holiness and humanity’s self-esteem.  Journal of Psychology and Theology.  1988;16: 221-231.

Britt III, W. Pretraining variables in the prediction of missionary success overseas.  Journal of Psychology and Theology. 1983; 11(34): 203-211.


Britt III W, Bhaskerrao S, Petersen F, Baqai W, Larsen J, Dickson C, Kirsch W.  The architecture of mild cognitive impairment:  a preliminary study.  The 10th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, 7/15-20/06, Madrid,  Spain. Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association. 2006; 2.3(1): S297

Armon C, Davies V, Dhanji T, Moses D. Britt W, Graves M, Forte D, Sepulveda L, Cwik V, Lindsey B, Shamel M, Smith R, Linda L.  Quality-of-life scales:   Who determines the individual item weights and does it matter:  Lessons learned from the ALSQOL-11.  Annals of Neurology. 2000; 48: 22.

Dhanji  T, Davies V, Armon c, Moses D, Britt W, Gaves M, Forte D., Sepulveda L, Cwik V, Lindsey B, Shamel M, Smith R. ALSQOL-11-A short, subjective, disease specific, quality-of-life scale for patients with ALS:  Sensitivity to change.  Neurology. 2000;54(7)(Supp 3): A344.

Davies V, Armon C,  Britt W, Moses D, Shamel  S, Cwik V, Graves M, Smith R.  A new, short, subjective disease specific, Quality-of-Life scale for patients with ALS-the ALSQOL-11:   A cross-sectional validation study.  Neurology. 1999;52(6)(Supp 2): A527.

Britt III W. Petersen F, Bhaskerrao S, Larsen J, Lie H, Dickson C, Kirsch W. (2009, July) Mild cognitive impairment: A fluctuating cognitive state. Poster Presentation, Alzheimer’s Association, 2009 International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease. Vienna, Austria.

Kirsch W, Larsen J, Bhaskerrao S,  Britt III W, Petersen F, Dickson C, Kido D, Aaz M, Haacke E, Liotta L, Vinters H.  (2007, August). A progressive increase in brain microhemorrhaging correlates with sporadic late-onset dementia development.  Paper presented at Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy:  emerging concepts. Regkjavik, Iceland.

Haacke E, Ayaz M, Boikov A, Krishnamurthy B, Mankova E, Dickson A, Dickson C, Baqai W, Britt W, Kirsch W, Kido D, Petersen F. (2007, May). Is a progressive increase in the number of microhemorrhages in the aged an earlier sign of Alzheimer’s disease?  Poster session presented at the joint annual meeting of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine-ESMRMB.  Berlin, Germany.

Baqai W, Dickson C, Kirsch w, Petersen F, Khan A, Kim I, Haacke E,  Britt W, Kido D, Holshouser B, Bartnik B.  (2006, September). Altered brain iron metabolism as a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease.  Poster presented at Loma Linda University 9th Annual Research Symposium. Loma Linda, CA.

Kirsch W, Britt III W, Larsen J, Petersen F, Ayaz M, Vinters H, Liotta L, Kim I, Baqai W, Dickson D, Holshouser B, Kido D, Haacke E.(2006, July) Altered brain iron metabolism as a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. Poster presentation, Alzheimer’s Association 10th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders.  Madrid, Spain.

Sanchez M, Bianski B, Anton L, Kim I, Dickson C, Knecht J, Grove N, Kelin W, Coon K, Larsen J, Petersen F, Bhaskerrao S, Kido D, Holshouser B, Collins D, Britt W. (2003, September) The role of Iron –Regulatory Protein-2 levels in peripheral blood leukocytes.  Paper presented at the 6th Annual Research  Symposium of the Basic Science Departments, Loma Linda University. Loma Linda CA.

Kirsch W, Larsen J, Kido D, Collins D, Holshouser B, Obenaus A, Britt III W, Turk A, Green L, Bhaskerrao S, Haacke E, Petersen F, (2003, September) Iron metabolism alterations in Alzheimer’s disease.  Poster Presented at the 4th Leonard Berg Symposium,  “Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease:  Structural, Functional & Molecular Neuroimaging,” at Washington University.  St. Louis, MO


Britt B. (1983, May). Help him think before he acts.  Worldwide Challenge, 10(5), 21.

Britt B. (1982, March). Predicting missionary success overseas prior to selection.  Emissary,13(1), 1-7.



Undergraduate Medical Education

                *Created class entitled Psychological Testing in Psychiatry Rotation,  circa 1982-1990’s

                *Co-taught  Child Psychiatry Interviewing Experience PSYT 512/513 in Child Rotation, circa 1982-2012

                *Created and taught Senior year elective entitled  Integration of Psychiatry and Christianity, circa 1980’s and 1990’s

                *Provided lecture to Physical Therapy students on dealing with psychological needs of rehab patients as part of Psychiatry lectures, circa 1980’s and 1990’s

Graduate Medical Education

                `*Team taught 3rd year Psychiatric residents in yearlong Child Psychiatry rotation. Circa 1982-2000’s

                *Created and taught Cognitive Behavior Therapy Seminar, circa 1980’s to 2014

                *Created and taught Psychological Testing Seminar, circa 1982 to 2000’s

                *Created and taught Group Inpatient Psychotherapy, circa 1980’s to 1990’s

                *Created and teach Suicide Assessment and Treatment which became Safety Assessment, circa 2012-

                *Weekly psychotherapy supervision of one to two 3rd or 4th year residents, 1982-

Graduate Studies

                *Created and weekly supervised in the Dept of Psychiatry Clinical Psychology Practicum experience, circa 1980’s 1990’s

                *Helped create and weekly supervise intern’s assessments, group therapy and consultations in the Dept of Psychiatry Clinical Psychology Internship, circa 1990’s-

                *Created and teach Suicide Assessment course to Clinical Psychology Interns, circa 2013-

                *Weekly supervise BMC Practicum student’s assessments, group therapy and consultations, circa 2014-

                *Monthly co-supervise practicum and intern student’s assessment presentations, circa 2012-

                *Monthly co-supervise practicum and intern student’s media topics in psychotherapy seminar, circa 2012

                *Taught Developmental Psychology for International School of Theology Counseling Program, circa 1980’s

                *Taught Assessment II course for Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, circa 1994-1996

                *Taught Psyc 514 Assessment III course & Psy 514L lab for LLU School of Psychology, 1997

Continuing Medical Education

Presentations as Associate Professor:

March 29, 1989, “Psychological Testing”, Guest Lecturer In Legal Psychiatry class, Pepperdine U. Law School

January 22, 1993, “Web of Deceit:  Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy” , LLU Dept of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

May 13, 1994, “Guiding Parent to Effective Discipline:  Clinical Approaches”, LLU Dept of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

May 19, 1994, “Triangle Model of Suicide Evaluation and Prevention” , Depression Treatment Strategies for the 1990’s, LLU School of Public Health sponsored conference

March 24, 1995 “Traumatic Brain Injury from the Patient’s Perspective”, LLU Dept of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

May 5,  1995, “The Suicidal Patient”,  LLUSM Update on Depression ‘95

October 17, 1995, “The Suicidal Patient” , Neurology & Outpatient Psychiatry in Primary Care, sponsored by San Diego State Univ. College of Extended Studies

January 25-28, 1996, Head Trauma Panel discussion speaker, California Applicant’s Attorneys’ Association 1996 Winter Convention

March 15, 2002, “Malingering in Neuropsychological Testing” , LLU Dept of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

October 28, 2003, “Mild Cognitive Impairment vs. Alzheimer’s Disease:  Can You Tell the Difference?”,  LLU 28th Annual Primacy Care Update

February 6, 2004, “Mild Cognitive Impairment vs. Alzheimer’s Disease”, LLU Dept of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

September 2, 2005, “Evaluation of PTSD in Children,” LLU Dept of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

November 1, 2006, “Neuropsychological Evaluation of Cognitive Impairment”,  LLU 31st Annual Primary Care Update

December 12, 2008, “Civil Capacities, Competences Assessment”,  LLU Dept of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

April  15, 2009, “Assessment and Rehabilitation of Cognitive Impairment in Schizophrenia:”,  LLU Dept of Psychiatry 15th Annual Symposium:  Individuals with Serious Mental Illness:  Optimizing Understanding, Treatment and Recovery.

Invited Lectures and Presentations

Sept-Nov., 2013 “Understanding Conflict”, Presentation to  TEFC Young Adult Class

10/7-10/2014,  “Developing A Missionary Care Team in Your Church”, Pastors to Missionaries Conference, Asheville NC

3/3-5/2016,  “What is Confidentiality?”;  “Evaluation & Prediction”;  “How Churches Can Assist:  Kidnapping, Contingency Planning, & Supporting Families”, Co-presentations at Mind the Gaps Conference,  Redlands CA

9/30/2016, “Mind the Gaps:  Engaging the Church in Missionary Care”, MissioNexus Annual Conference, Louisville  KY


1979 Annual Dissertation Grant Award (best Ph.D. dissertation) Rosemead School of Psychology, 
Biola University

1979 Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges & Universities

1994 Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year Award, Dept of Psychiatry

1998 Certificate of Appreciation, Easter Seals Inland Counties

1999 Resident Teaching Award, Dept of Psychiatry

2003 Faculty Member of the Year Award, Dept of Psychiatry

2012 W. Britt, et. al. Mild Cognitive Impairment:  Prodromal Alzheimer’s or Something Else?  Nominated for  2012 Alzheimer Award (62 nominations out of 400 articles) for best article from previous year’s Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease


American Psychological Association, Member 1982-

Council for the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, Health Service Provider, 1983-

National Academy of Neuropsychology, Professional Member, 1983-

Society for Personality Assessment, 1987-

American College of Professional Neuropsychology, Fellow, 2000-


Contributing Editor, Journal of Psychology & Theology, 1984-


1996-1997 Neuropsychological Evaluations in a Multicenter, Randomized Double-Blind, Placebo and Active Controlled Study of Drug in Schizophrenic and Schizoaffective Patients, Sub-Investigator, (10%)

1997-1999 Neuropsychological Evaluations in a Multicenter, Open-Label, Long-term Follow-up, Safety Study of Drug in Schizophrenic and Schizoaffective Patients, Sub-Investigator (10%)

$6,000,000, 2002-2007  RO1 AG20948-02 NIH/NIA, Iron Metabolism Alterations in Alzheimer’s Disease, Co-Investigator (25%)


(Marti Baum, MD, PI)  Psychometric Evaluation of Pediatric Patients with  Supratentorial High and Low Grade Astrocytomas Treated with Proton Beam Irradiation, Co-Investigator

(Marti Baum, MD, PI) Neurodevelopmental  and Psychometric Evaluation of Infant Heart Transplant Patients at Five through Eight Years of Age


Britt III, W.G. (1988). Pretraining variables in the prediction of missionary success overseas. In O’Donnell, K.S. & O’Donnell, M.L. (Eds,),  Helping Missionaries Grow:  Readings in Mental Health and Missions,  Pasadena:  William Carey Library.

Britt III, W.G  (2015). Confidentiality Policy (Ch. 3); Predictors of Missionary Success (Ch.4); Emotional Needs(Ch.11); Professional Effectiveness Needs (Ch. 13). In Wilson, D.J. (Gen. Editor), Parker, L., Britt III, W.G.., Hood, S., Born, W., & Born, B.J. Mind the Gaps:  Engaging the Church in Missionary Care, Redlands:  Mind the Gaps.


 Elder Board, Trinity Evangelical Free Church, circa 1984-1990

Board of Trustees, Arrowhead Christian Academy, Redlands Christian Schools, 1998-

Small Group Leader, Trinity Evangelical Free Church, 1983-1993 (approx.); Co-Leader, 2015-

Founding Member, Missionary Care Team, Trinity Evangelical Free Church,  2008-

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