Welcome to My Resource Library!

Dear colleagues and future friends, thank you for your interest in this extra material. You being here, means you are really trying to help your patients or yourself! I have been overwhelmed by the kind notes I get from people signing up for this resource. We are a tribe, on a journey, to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of countless people.

I would request one thing. Please send me a direct message on Instagram @Dr.DavidPuder, Facebook: @DrDavidPuder, or Twitter @DavidPuder. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are becoming my go-to place to dialogue about each episode. If you listen to an episode and have any feedback, thoughts or ideas, I welcome you finding the post related to the episode and commenting or sharing it. I appreciate checking out how people are using social media to decrease stigma and educate people who otherwise would be fearful of seeing a treatment provider. Any response is coming directly from me :)

Looking forward to connecting with you soon,

Dr. David Puder

Episode 1: PDF of the 6 boxes of Psychiatry Notes: Download Here

PDF of My New Patient Intake Form

Free CME for episode 001: The Basics of the Psychiatric Interview Part 1: Take Quiz

Episode 2 Cognitive Distortions: PDF of The 8 Day Cognitive Distortion Journal

Episode 9: Diet Optimization for Cognitive Function and Brain Optimization

Episode 10: Exercise as a Prescription for Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Stress (like Diabetes) and Sensorium

Episode 11: Sensorium Part 4: Medications, Drugs (THC, Alcohol), Medical Issues, Sleep, and Free Will

Episode 12: Performance Enhancement with Dr. MaryEllen Eller

Episode 15: Microexpression to Make Microconnections Part 1 with Ariana Cunningham, CME: quiz (worth 1.25 CME)

Episode 16: Microexpressions to Make Microconnections Part 2 with Ariana Cunningham

Episode 17: Microexpressions Part 3

Episode 19 and 20: Dr. Cummings Handout, mp3/article, Free CME: quiz (worth 0.75 CME)

Episode 20:  Dr. Cummings resource: DSH Recommended Drug Levels 

023: Flight, Fight, or Shut Down. Understanding Polyvagal Theory. mp3/article, CME: quiz (worth 1.75 CME)

032: Therapeutic Alliance Part 2: Meaning and Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy: mp3/article, CME: quiz (worth 0.75 CME)

Episode 39: Osorio Geriatric Depression and Anxiety: Beers Criteria (which meds to avoid), Excel of Anticholinergic Medications (will discuss further in a future episode)

Episode 40: Reducing Inpatient Violence in a Psychiatric Hospital, pdf of article with full citations

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